Picnic with Arthur

Picnic with Arthur – translation of interview

Lennart Fagerskiold about a piece of art, an interview by Andreas Fagerskiold.


A – I am standing next to Gota Canal with the artist Lennart Fagerskiold; Here`s the bench you talked about earlier, can you tell me something about it?
L – It`s a place where you can sit down in a nice area if you like, it`s like a painting; you look at it and be a part of it, it happens something with the viewer, it`s that kind of place.
A – So the viewer is a part of the artpiece? I also heard something about a lizard, is that the same piece of art or are there 2 pieces?
L – It takes part, its like a playmate, or what you like it to be. It can be a positive guardian angel…
A – Ok, and this bench, could you show how to use it?
L – It`s just to sit down, and if you whant it can play music for you.
A – Ok, whats that?
L – An ordinary music box.
A – Ordinary? Well it depends on where you find it, I would be a bit surprised to find it in this surrounding, but having seen the lizard, nothing surprises me anymore.
L – The idea is that people walk along the canal because it`s a beautiful place. One might feel to sit down a bit remotly but yet be part of the surrounding, to have your own space in the middle of it. The ultimate own space is a place to sit, and where you can feel presence, I contribute with a piece of art to make the viewer feel presence. So, yes, to answer your question, it is 2 pieces of art.
A – Ok, is there any title of it?
L – Yes. Picnic with Arthur.
A – Ok. Where are we?
L  – Gota canal.
A – Ok. Gota canal. Lennart Fagerskiold.